What would I be without a Mother?

I love my mother as the trees love water and sunshine – she helps me grow, prosper and reach great heights. Neither of us will be nothing without our moher’s help, love and care. Family comes firts. My mother saw me grew up, saw me cried, and saw me smiled so many times that would be a mistake overvaluate her. Wouldn’t forgive myself. Father may turn back his child, brother may become your enemy, but a mother’s love is always there.

World would be a better place if everyone’s mother look after us without looking other side but us. There’s nothing like a mama-hug. ¡I love my mother!

I regret of everyone of my misjudgements, silences, bad-looks I’ve done to you. You just want the best for me. Those punishments, hits and hugs you gave me and still give me, have a purpose, now I know. Women are all over the world, but mother, just one. No-one in the world can take the place of my mother. Well or wrong from her point of view I’ll always be right.

You owe her your school degree, your clothes, your biological breath sistem, you owe her all. Thank you mom for have chosen me to born from you.

Appreciate your mother, she chose to give you life, support and smiles when your world was falling apart. Remember: one day she’ll be gone. Then, what’re you gonna do?. Never’s too late for say ”I love you mom”.

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